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call center for real estate

How much relevant are call center services for real estate?

16 May in Call center

Like any other industry, real estate domain too needs high quality communication between different entities in the network. Companies, realtors, developers, builders and contractors etc. need customer support for maintaining proper communication with all concerned investors. Let us have a detailed scrutiny on the importance...

call center customer service

Few important do not’s of customer services

04 November in Call center

Job of a customer support executive is quite challenging. From a peripheral level what you see is an agent, speaking over the phone in a professional tone. But he time to time encounters many tensed situations that can’t be avoided. However, if you succeed in...

multilingual support services

Tips for effective multilingual support services

24 October in Call center

Markets are becoming diverse with each passing day. Thus it has become unavoidable for businesses to cross the language barriers and communicate. Having the right people to speak in your prospect’s language has seamless benefits. They trust you more and involuntarily get emotionally attached towards...

computer assisted telephone interviewing

Computer assisted telephone interviewing tricks

19 September in Call center

These days, telephonic interviews are comparatively a huge investment when you can get data from online surveys at really cheap rates. But still the effectiveness of CATI is what makes it a more preferred choice by majority of companies. However the concerned professional should be...

virtual assistant

Best ways to use a virtual assistant

01 August in Call center

Whether you are planning to start a business or grow your already established venture to next level, tying up with a reliable partner to outsource virtual assistant services can bring you great benefits. The challenge is identifying the right tasks to outsource. Though the best...

CATI market research services

Introduction to CATI market research services – an analysis

16 May in Call center

Introductions are really vital when it comes to computer assisted telephone interviewing. Various types of introductions are tested by professionals offering CATI services to assure which one operates more effectively for a specific target audience or study purpose. [caption id="attachment_887" align="alignnone" width="803"] Analysis of CATI market...

online chat support

Inevitability of online chat support

07 April in Call center

Best customer support in simplest of words is- solving a customer’s problem swiftly and smoothly. This has to be the ultimate goal for any company and this is where you should consider the matchless benefits of chat support. Different ways are there to provide customer assistance...

multilingual call centers

Empower your brand with multilingual call centers

28 March in Call center

Leveraging the potential of multilingual call center companies, business worldwide have started to expand their business reach and empower their brand. You definitely have to rethink if still you are staying confined with single language operations. [caption id="attachment_887" align="alignnone" width="803"] Multilingual call center outsourcing benefits[/caption] Shaking hands...

virtual assistant

Things to outsource to a virtual assistant

14 March in Call center

There are certain non-core activities which require constant attention but certainly not that of the entrepreneur himself. Drastic technological advancements have helped businesses in innumerable ways. You can now rely on a professional assistant for carrying out your back office works from a distant location. ...