Some common photo editing mistakes and tips to avoid them

Image editing tips
How to avoid photo editing mistakes?

There are many guides out there who point the best practices of photo editing but only a few provide insight into the mistakes that often occur. Professional editing requires these type of minor deficits to be treated at the earliest. Any defects left unnoticed can ruin the whole grace of the picture. So, special attention must be there.

Basic methods

Some basic principles like cropping or scaling is enough for many pictures but in reality we overdo by adding effects and contrast. Try to avoid it and use simple software to create better images. Most of the amateur image editors are taught about basic photo editing tips at an early stage.

Crop it up

Before sending a photo into recycle bin check if there are any valid parts that can be cropped out to create a sensible image. You will be surprised at the end result if you can crop selective scenes from images. Some superb landscapes can be obtained from blurry photos if cropped properly. Even though cropping is a common photo editing mistake, wise use can save a lot of time.

Over use of shadows

Even though shadows provide that vignette effect to photos, try to avoid over usage of them. The best method is to apply light shadows by sticking to a ratio like 40/100. If used in a much higher amount, the picture will look like one from the 1890s.

Size of images

Images that are ready for web upload should be compact. Their size parameter also has some importance just like the quality of picture. We have discussed earlier on the quality of web uploads but in this scenario it is important to create small and compact pictures. It not only makes the process of upload and searching easier but also helps the server to be compact and quick.

Unrealistic applications

Don’t try to apply special effects to photos that have a common real outlook. For example, your family and friends surely know how your face is, how many scars are there and whether it is wrinkled or not. A simple photo editing application cannot help you much further even if you have removed all the scars and wrinkles.

Color it up

Don’t stray out of the highway by opting vibrant colors. Have you ever attempted to read pure blue text? It is practically impossible no matter how appealing it is. Bright text is very hard to read. That is the prime reason why graphic designers stick to an adjusted color picker for regular reading experience.


Watermarks offer a copyright effect but there is no point in applying them if your image is spoiled by the application of it. Aim of a designer must be to create stunning photos with minimal distraction caused by watermarks. Professional companies often provide excellent service when it comes to watermarking.


Sharpening images are better when it comes to vintage photos which have passed editing phase. It is a useful weapon but some amateurs treat like a tool to focus into the depths of an image. Always try to sharpen an image with zoom levels set to 100 percent. It is appreciable if you can attempt to sharpen at last.

Photo editing services are offered by professionals who create stunning pictures within no time. It is wise to lend experienced hands if you think that the image is of some value. Those who are learning to crop an image can easily adhere to these principles for better results.